Tax Planning and Preparation Services

At Zerah & Company CPAs, P.C., we are committed to function as our client’s tax advisor and aide. We pore through the mountains of ever-changing tax laws and regulations, enabling us to always use them to the benefit of our clients within the legal framework.

Business Tax Services

As part of the business tax planning process, we evaluate the business structure, and advise our clients as to which structure is most advantageous to their specific situation. Examples of this process include determining whether a business should operate as a sole-proprietorship, S Corporation, C Corporation, partnership, or limited liability company/partnership.

Most businesses require the filing of some type of annual tax return. Depending on the client’s business structure, we prepare all the necessary Federal, State and/or Local business tax returns.

In addition, we prepare all other related business tax forms as required, such as quarterly payroll and/or sales tax returns, as well as year-end W-2 forms and Form 1099’s.

Individual Tax Services

As the tax laws continue to get more complicated, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the full implications of these changes.

We utilize comprehensive tax research software to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the tax laws. Our in-depth knowledge of the tax code enables us to properly advise our clients to take advantage of all available opportunities.

As part of the individual tax planning process, we have the ability to prepare mid-year estimates of what our client’s year-end tax situation will look like, allowing enough time to plan accordingly.

Using sophisticated tax preparation software, we have the ability to prepare all the necessary Federal, State and Local tax forms in a timely and professional manner. We have e-filing capabilities to help facilitate the filing of required tax returns in an efficient and expeditious manner.

Fiduciary Tax Services

The income tax laws surrounding estates and trusts are among the most complicated in the tax code. We have an in-depth knowledge of these rules and regulations, and can properly prepare all the required tax forms. In addition, we prepare fiduciary accountings, which are very often required to document all the activity within a trust or estate.

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