The surest way our clients know where they are going is by charting their course ahead of time. The professionals at Zerah & Company CPAs, P.C. help our clients get a clearer picture of their financial future by “quarterbacking” the entire financial planning process.

Through our extensive background in financial planning, and our strong relationships with other service providers in the financial planning area, we develop a “team” of other professionals to cover all elements of the financial planning process. As a trusted advisor, we assist our clients in creating a practical financial plan, covering all facets of their personal finances with a view toward meeting their present and future goals. Once the plan is created, we have the ability to help the client implement the plan, continuously monitoring the progress as measured against the client’s stated goals.

Investment Planning

Determining the proper asset allocation for investments requires careful consideration. We analyze our client’s investment goals and objectives, assess their risk tolerance and time horizon, and help formulate an investment policy which will help the client achieve their goals. Once the investment plan is designed, we help our clients implement the investment plan as formulated.

Life Insurance Needs Analysis

We assist our clients in determining what level of insurance, if any, would be beneficial in their specific circumstances. We help our clients identify exactly what type of risks they are trying to insure, such as estate taxes, or catastrophic situations, which enables them to make informed decisions.

Retirement Planning

Utilizing sophisticated software, various assumptions, and information provided by our clients, we created hypothetical illustrations to map out potential retirement scenarios for our clients. Based on this information, we give our clients the ability to devise appropriate retirement planning strategies.

Estate & Succession Planning

The significant estate and gift tax burden created by current tax laws requires every individual to properly plan their estate. In order to preserve as much of their assets as possible for their beneficiaries, we help our clients identify key transfer issues, tools and techniques that will help them achieve their goals and desires.

College Funding Needs Analysis

The cost of college education continues to rise, creating the need for families to properly plan for these significant eexpenses. Based on hypothetical illustrations, we help our clients determine these future costs, and analyze various funding alternatives.

Cash Flow Planning

Understanding personal cash inflows and expenditures is fundamental to ensuring a healthy financial picture. We help our clients create an income and expense budget, using it as a tool to develop sound investment and spending habits.
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