When our clients first sit down with one of the principals of Zerah & Company CPAs, P.C., we determine, based on their input, which of our accounting and/or related services can best suit their needs.

Regardless of the specific level of services required, the professionals at Zerah & Company CPAs P.C., always act as the client’s trusted financial advisors and consultants. We routinely review our client’s financial picture, and continuously provide our clients with careful “hands on” involvement.

Accounting and Auditing

In many instances, clients need financial statements prepared for such items as bank loans, bonding or vendor credit purposes. Depending on specific needs, we can perform a compilation, review or certified audit of their financial statements.

In addition to preparing financial statements for external purposes, we have the ability to generate monthly, quarterly and/or annual financial statements for internal purposes, which help the client monitor the health of their business.

Our firm is periodically reviewed in conformity with the standards established by the AICPA Peer Review Program as administered by the NYSSCPA’s.

Small Business and Write-Up Services

We are Quickbooks Pro Advisors, and have the ability to either assist you in maintaining your own accounting records using Quickbooks, or maintain your books and records on our computer systems using Quickbooks.

We set up all the required accounting functions, including the chart of accounts, customer and vendor lists, sales/cash receipts, purchases/disbursements and payroll. We perform monthly bank reconciliations, as well as maintain general ledgers on our computerized client accounting systems. We also have the ability to maintain detailed subsidiary accounts receivable and accounts payable ledgers for customer and vendor balances.

The bottom line is that a small business does not have to operate like one. No business is ever too small to get our full attention.

After the Fact Payroll Services

We have the ability to maintain all your payroll records on our sophisticated payroll software systems, ensuring the accurate filings of quarterly payroll tax returns and year end W-2 forms, as well as 1099 forms for independent contractors.

General Accounting Services

Many clients have either a bookkeeper or accounting staff that have the ability to maintain a full or partial set of accounting books and records. We can provide assistance by “filling in the gaps” where necessary, such as maintaining the general ledger, preparing adjustments to the books and records, or providing the client with a periodic in-depth financial analysis of key ratios that will enable the client to better monitor the “pulse” of their business.

For those clients that are interested in automating their in-house accounting systems, we provide consulting and training services to utilize the very powerful but user-friendly Quickbooks accounting software programs.

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