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Welcome to Zerah & Company CPAs, P.C.

Zerah & Company CPAs, P.C., is an established CPA firm, which was founded in 1981, with offices in Levittown, NY.

The firm has developed a niche market servicing the needs of closely held businesses, and the closely held business owner. Our personal and fundamental knowledge of these areas gives us the ability to produce results for our clients, combining pragmatism, creativity in problem solving, and careful “hands on” management.

Zerah & Company CPAs, P.C. is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants. The firm is managed by its two principals, Richard Zerah, CPA/PFS, CFP, CRFA, CMFC, and Robert Zerah CPA/PFS, CFP, MBA.